Key Moments - 1914

The German ultimatum
The German ultimatum

On the morning of 2 August 1914, the German troops invaded the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. In the evening, the German envoy presented an ultimatum to the Belgian government demanding free passage for the German troops. The ultimatum was rejected unanimously on 3 August.

Capture of an enemy flag by the 12th de Ligne in Liège

04/08/1914 - 16/08/1914

The defence of Liège under the command of Lieutenant-General Leman.

04/08/1914 - 25/08/1914

The defence of Namur under the command of Lieutenant- General Michel.

08/08/1914 - 19/08/1914

The defence of the Position along the Gete and the Demer rivers

24/08/1914 - 26/08/1914

The first breakout from Antwerp.

Fighting around Antwerp
Fighting around Antwerp

09/09/1914 - 13/09/1914

The second breakout from Antwerp.


The skirmish in Melle.

25/09/1914 - 27/09/1914

The third breakout from Antwerp.

28/09/1914 - 10/10/1914

The defence of Antwerp under the command of Lieutenant-General Deguise.


The battle of Edemolen.


The battles in Lokeren and Melle.

Soldiers at the Yser
Soldiers at the Yser

16/10/1914 - 31/10/1914

The Battle of the Yser.


The attack of Lombardsijde.


The fall of Diksmuide.